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Reach Silver in 60 Days or Less!
With NO Pre-existing Network or Pushy Sales

Discover the Secret of the 60 Days to Silver System in the Video Below



We FOCUS on 3 Essential Pillars to Help You Go Silver F-A-S-T!


The first pillar of the 60 Days To Silver System is us showing you how to use just 4 essential products to "WOW" people when you are out and about to make you a prospecting machine!  You can then leverage these products to quickly get a 1-on-1 meeting with them so they get a "whole-body" experience of the oils.  Do this right, and they're in!  Want to sell bigger kits, we show you that too!



The second pillar of the 60 Days to Silver system is to help you learn the essential business knowledge, skills, and tools to get you to Silver.  You'll gain both company-specific and general multi-level marketing knowledge. In addition, you'll develop skills to bring both people you know and don't know into your business team.  You'll also develop skills to help you stay organized and have special access to custom silver-building tools to keep track of all of your activities as you quickly build to Silver.



One thing for sure:  When you have confidence, you can build your business much faster because you KNOW you can do it. So, quickly building up your confidence is the third pillar of the 60 Days to Silver System.  Prospecting without fear, staying organized, doing both 1-on-1 as well as small group presentations with confidence will hyper-accelerate your business and help to create a team of business builders.


"No Fluff" = The "Essentials"
Only What You Need to Go Silver...

"The Pre-Course"

Self Paced with Quiz Bypass for Experts

The "Pre-Course" provides an overview of both the 60 Days to Silver platform and enough of the assumed knowledge all Wellness Advocates should know before beginning the 60 Days to Silver program.

It has been designed to help newer Wellness Advocates come up to speed quickly in areas like back office basics, terminology of both doTERRA specific and general MLM concepts, and other topics we assume you should know before the live training begins.  

Since we know that some Wellness Advocates will already be familiar with these topics, we provide a way to take quizzes to bypass any chosen lesson.  There's no reason to waste your time learning how to log into the back office if you already know how to do it.

The Pre-course is not yet complete. I will work on finishing it this week.

"60 Days to Silver Live Weekly Video Training Calls"

Weekly Video Lessons with a Diamond Instructor

The "LIVE Founders Club" course provides essential business training, inspiration, and confidence-building skills to help you get to Silver fast! -- It's the stuff I used to go Silver in just over a month without a previous network of people.

There will be THREE Live weekly video conference calls:

  1. A Monday "Plan Your week" call where I take you (and two volunteer students) per week through the process of deciding what results you want to achieve, the required activities to get those results, and who you will focus on that week to get there.
  2. A Tuesday "60 Days to Silver Founders Club Lesson" call that will cover the essentials of what you need to go Silver Fast.
  3. A Saturday "Diamond Q&A Office Hours" call where anyone can pop on and get their questions answered.

You will also have homework assignments and quizzes to keep you accountable and we'll even assign points with prizes for your active participation.  

Hone your Confidence, Prospecting, and Business Skills With Advanced Course Lessons

Prospecting People You Don't Know

There are always more people you DON't know than you DO know. Learning how to enroll them to propel your business to Silver.  We'll show you how.

Planning Your Week

Planning your week and managing distractions is critical if you want to build your business quickly. "If you don't manage your time, it will manage you!"  Included are custom forms and weekly reminder emails.

Small Group Classes

Small group classes are great for people with large numbers of people who want to learn about the oils AND to help your new team members start quickly before they know much.

Finding Time for Your Biz

"Create" time out of the tiny slivers and blocks you don't even know exist in your normally busy schedule.  You have more time than you think you have!

AromaTouch Prospecting

One of the fastest ways to get people a whole-body experience is to leverage both the "Wilder WOW" and AromaTouch.  Learn how to get prospects there and how to close after the ATT is done.

Prospecting People You Know

Quickly build some momentum by bringing people you already know into the business on your team. Discover ideas and approaches to bring your friends and associates into your business.

Compensation Plan Clarity

Understanding the compensation plan means knowing how you get paid.  This is your business, so it is important for you to understand the compensation plan. 

1-on-1 Presentations

You can always make closer connections with 1-on-1's than group classes. Deeper questions help you help them get their needs met. Selling Diamond Kits is also easier too!

Team Mentoring / Coaching 

Learn how to properly mentor or coach your team (there's a difference) and inspire others becomes very important as you move through Silver and beyond. INSPIRE rather than MANAGE your team.

Selling "PRO" Kits

Selling "PRO" kits (Diamond and Every Oil kits) can create huge momentum in your business. Learn how to share the value to your prospects and how they become business builders.

Be Happy! - Avoid "The GAP"

Learn how to STOP being unhappy! The root of so much of our unhappiness is impossible goals. Start being happy while you build.

Internet Prospecting Tips

Properly leveraging the internet with specialized tools for prospecting can dramatically boost your business growth rate.

Silver Placement Strategies

Knowing where to properly place new enrollments is critical if you want to build (and stabilize) Silver. Learn how to place Wellness Advocates correctly.

Internet Follow-up Tips

They say the fortune is in the follow up.  Learn how to leverage special automation tools you can use to automatically follow up with all.

And Much More...

About Ron

So, why should you listen to me? I went Silver in just over a month as soon as I decided to do it without any previous network of people and without using pushy sales techniques.  I was around 900 OV at the time I decided to make it happen. Silver happened next month.  And Diamond took just over a year and a half to get done.

Now, as a Diamond with Wellness Advocates from Silvers to Diamonds on my team, I have the experience and confidence to give you the knowledge, skills, and tools to help you create the same type of results.

In addition, as a certified doTERRA AromaTouch Technique instructor for over 5 years, I have learned how to teach over a hundreds of people how to not only do AromaTouches, but also how to leverage them to build their businesses.

It also turns out that I LOVE to teach and mentor people on their journeys and am an expert at creating online training systems. So, this combination should do well to help you. 

Bottom line: I love to show others how to do what I've done and look forward to helping you hit Silver fast because that creates belief in yourself, creates a nice extra income for you, builds your business growth momentum and helps our company become even stronger!

“You have my promise to help you get to Silver fast which is the best way to get there because it builds momentum to take you to Diamond and beyond!” 

When you join the
60 Days to Silver Founders Club
You'll Get...

Core Essential training and access to many Advanced Lessons that are hyper-focused on teaching you essential skills to get you to Silver quickly without wasting your valuable time.

Access to our special "Go Silver Fast" member tools that help you stay organized on your journey and help you remember key things as you build.  

Special Invitation to join the Founders Club Facebook group you can use to get your questions answered FAST by Silvers and above and fellow Founders Club members.


What doTERRA Leaders Are Saying...


“If you want to learn how to enroll people after an Aromatouch Technique, Ron Wilder is a great resource!  Ron is one of the only people I know who can enroll someone with a diamond kit after giving them an Aromatouch Technique. Incredible!"

Roxane Bybee (Presidential Diamond)



“When Ron decided he wanted to go Silver, he blew me away how he went for it so quickly! He has helped many people on and off his team to be successful in their business, as well."

Rachel Jones (Blue Diamond)



“Ron always has some creative ideas. When I was going Diamond he was instrumental helping me figure it all out! I’m sure his new program will be packed with lots of guidance.”

Kymberlee Simantel (Diamond)



“I am very grateful for the knowledge I have received from his support and coaching.  60 Days to Silver will be a great opportunity to learn confidence, prospecting skills, and business building techniques all in a short period time.  Ron's ability to think outside of the box is inspiring and fun, you're sure to love it!"

Michele Malchow (Platinum)



“There are lots of tools and programs out there but this is the only program that creates accountability to help you stay on track as you build to Silver.  Our Monday morning 'Planning Your Week' calls were a game changer that gave me clarity of the priorities of the week. I'm sure the calls will help you too. "

Susan McCarthy (Gold)



“With weekly mentoring in 3 areas, I was able to achieve my goal of SILVER! 1. He helped me understand how to sell higher volume kits.  2. He helped me created an automated email subscription from current doTERRA customers. 3. He has instructed me on the value of marketing language that moves a contact into a prospect and moves that prospect into a customer."

With weekly mentoring in 3 areas, I was able to achieve my goal of SILVER!

Wendy Patrucco (Silver)

Is 60 Days to Silver Right For You?

60 Days to Silver is NOT for everybody.  You must really want to get to Silver and be willing to put the time and effort into it.?

Who is this for

  • check-circle-o
    New Wellness Advocates who just want to get it done quickly
  • check-circle-o
    People who are willing to commit the time and energy to get it done.
  • check-circle-o
    People who have been in the business for a while and don't have upline support but want the knowledge, tools, skills and access to a Diamond Wellness Advocate to help get them to Silver.
  • check-circle-o
    Wellness Advocates who want to build their confidence they can go Silver. When you have confidence, you can do anything!

Who is this not for

  • times-circle-o
    People who are just testing the waters but don't have a strong desire to get to Silver
  • times-circle-o
    People who aren't willing to dedicate time, resources, and energy to do the work necessary to get to Silver
  • times-circle-o
    People who are already Silver or above.  We recommend sharing with your key builders so they can go Silver quickly.
  • times-circle-o
    People who are not willing to invest in their education from experts who have already done what they want to do and who can help them reach their goals.
GUARANTEE: SILVER or Two Ranks in 90 Days

I will refund your purchase price if you don't go Silver or increase your rank by at least two levels within 90 days of your signup to 60 Days to Silver. You have two options for a money-back guarantee:

1. The first option: A "no questions asked money back option" if you opt-out after you have reviewed the pre-course and the first lesson.  Just send an email by midnight pacific time of the first lesson date to letting us know you wish to exercise your option to quit the 60 Days to Silver Founders Club. The midnight deadline will allow someone else to take your spot the next day.

2. The second option: A full 100% money back guarantee if you request your refund after you complete the 60 Days to Silver Program as follows:

  • square-o
    Complete the precourse before you start the live weekly lessons
  • square-o
    Work on and turn in your weekly homework assignments
  • square-o
    Participate in the private Founders Club Facebook Group weekly over the 90 days
  • square-o
    Attend or view all 8 weekly lessons on a weekly basis
  • square-o
    Pass all of the quizzes and final exam, if any.
  • square-o
    Contact the group and/or instructor for assistance if stuck on a weekly basis.

If you do the above within 90 days and you do not go Silver or increase your rank at least two levels within 90 days just visit the help tab of the website and request a refund.  I'll refund your money after I review your participation and you have obviously tried to participate and go Silver on a weekly basis.  

If you just sign up for 60 Days to Silver but don't do the work, don't expect the refund (or Silver). Please sign up only if you agree to these conditions.  I want to make Silvers... and if you are ready to do the work, I'll show you how.  


Included Founders Club Member Bonuses!

When you join the 60 Days To Silver Founders Club you will receive much more!

Access to a private Facebook Group

Founding members will have lifetime access to a secret Facebook Group to get their questions answered both by the instructors and fellow Wellness Advocates. 


Weekly Planning Calls:


Founding members will have direct access to a Diamond Wellness Advocate once a week for 8 weeks to ask any questions.  These weekly planning calls will guide two students a week through the special 60 Days to Silver Weekly Planner worksheet to help give them clarity of the week's desired results and types of activities to take them there.  Other areas to be covered are the top prospects to focus on, the week's mini-rewards, desired habit change tracking. Other students can also ask questions during the calls  All calls will be recorded and available to members on the website.


Weekly Live Video Lessons:


Founding members will have direct access to a Diamond Wellness Advocate once a week for 8 weeks on Tuesdays for the lesson of the week.  These calls are honed to get the student up to speed on the essential Products, Business (Knowledge, Skills and Tools), plus Confidence building skills to reach Silver more effectively than doing it on their own.  These calls will be recorded and available to members on the website.


Weekly Diamond Office Hours: 


Founding members will have direct access to a Diamond Wellness Advocate once a week for 8 to 12 weeks during the Diamond Office Hour video call to get any of their questions answered.  These calls will be recorded and available to members on the website.


Cash Back When You Go Silver

Founder's Club members will receive cash rewards when they hit Silver within 90 days of joining 60 Days to Silver.  I believe in you and want to reward you for getting Silver done and even give you an extra month to do it!  How many training systems pay you back?

And, after you go Silver, we could pay you to help mentor others who join the regular launch of 60 Days to Silver early next year.

Also, Founding Club members get paid $100 by referring friends to 60 Days To Silver Founders Club.

You could actually get your entire investment back if you complete the program and refer people to 60 Days to Silver.

Join Today!
(Only 20 Founding Memberships Available)

Single Payment

only $1297 $597 

Cyber Week / Earlybird Discount


$150 / 25% Savings!


Founders Club Benefits

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    Full Founders Club Membership benefit for 90 days
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    Small group of 20 Members!
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    Exclusive Bonus Content you will only find here
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    Weekly LIVE video calls each Tuesday covering the 60 Days to Silver Lesson of the Week (8 weeks) 
  • check-circle-o
    Weekly Diamond "office hours" Q&A video conference calls each Saturday (8 to 12 weeks)
  • check-circle-o
    Weekly "Plan your week" calls each Monday with 2 active participants per call (8 weeks)
  • check-circle-o
    Lifetime access to 60 Days to Silver Founders Club Facebook Group
  • check-circle-o
    Access to Self-paced Precourse to help you get the basics down before live calls start
  • check-circle-o
    One complementary standard 60 Days to Silver membership when it launches later this year (Not a founders club membership)
  • check-circle-o
    Option to make money referring others to 60 Days to Silver
  • check-circle-o
    Double your Silver Bonus if you Go Silver during the 90 day period!
  • check-circle-o
    Option to make money as a 60 Days to Silver Coach in future groups


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Why buy 60 Days to Silver with Free training available?

Is it self-paced or weekly training?

How long can I access the course?

More questions?

Is Silver Guaranteed with the 60 Days to Silver Founders Club?

What is your refund policy?

Will the live video calls be recorded?

One last thing...


* The  60 Days To Silver Founders Club guarantees that you will either hit Silver or increase your rank at least two levels within 90 days if you complete the program or we'll return your money.  See for the details.

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