Congrats!  You made it to the 60 Days to Silver Founders Club notification list.

Over the next few weeks, I'll put out some info that explains more about the 25 member Founders Club: a highly interactive training and support system to help you get to Silver within 60 days.  

If you are committed to getting to Silver before Leadership, then you'll definitely want to be part of the Founders Club.

NOTE: If you somehow made it to this page without going through the 60daystosilver landing page, then please fill out the form below or you won't receive the info mentioned above.

What’s so special about Silver?

Silver is the rank of believability. Hitting Silver proves to yourself that YOU can do it, and more. You have figured out how to jump over all of the hurdles “life” places in your path. Silver is also the stepping stone to Diamond and even Presidential Diamond because both ranks require Silvers to get there. When you go Silver, you will:

  • make thousands a month rather than hundreds
  • gain the confidence to build to Gold and beyond
  • help so many of your team members on their own path to their dreams and goals
  • get your account manager at doTERRA to help you “fix” stuff in your business
  • show the world that “joined the
  • cause your to back off and finally believe it was worth your spending 100’s a month on your little doTERRA “
  • show everyone that your biz can cover the payments for a car, home, or even fun vacations
  • qualify to attend leadership retreat next
  • begin to create your dream life


Declare you will go Silver this week by saying, out loud, “I WILL GO SILVER, NO MATTER WHAT!”  Then, write your declaration in your planner or calendar!

60 Days to Silver… REALLY?

60 Days to Silver Founders Club will help 25 lucky Wellness Advocates who have decided to go Silver and made a commitment to get it done. Since I went Silver in just over a month without a ready waiting network of people and without pushy sales techniques, I know I can help you without overwhelming you.

If you want to be part of this tight, highly focused, group of 25 then watch your email. I will open the doors and then shut them quickly once we reach the 25 Wellness Advocates. The next time the door will open will probably be in November or December when I launch the full system. If you have better success in a smaller groups, then this will be your only opportunity to join 60 Days to Silver as a Founders Club member.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing you in the Founders Club.

Keep smiling,

Ron Wilder and the 60 Days To Silver Team

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