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60 Days to Silver

2024 Update

60 Days to Silver 3.0 is a brand new LIVE version of the program.  So much has changed over the past few years both in the world AND doTERRA. New products, comp plan changes, and new policy rules as well as a lower of the AromaTouch program were significant enough that a new LIVE version is warranted. 

We are also giving you an MLM Mastery Club TEAM LEADER membership at no extra cost!

The good news is that there is still time to get in. Check out the offer page to see the most current details.

Hope to see you inside!

Keep smiling, 


2023 Update

2020 to 2023 were tough years for network marketing — unless you were at a higher rank.

Group events like home meetings and traditional belly-to-belly prospecting became illegal… laws from our Governors because of COVID social distancing restrictions. Don’t get me started!

I have been enhancing 60 Days to Silver to help distributors add online marketing to their skill set and am starting a new “Online MLM Mastery” course to teach you how to prospect for network builders rather than just customers — online from the comfort of your home (or cell phone).

In fact, I am creating a brand new platform to support network marketers that will blow you away! More real soon.

Below is some of the stuff from 2019 to 2021.

Online MLM Mastery will teach you how to use the Simple Connector CRM Mobile and Desktop app so you can go online quickly at low cost and complexity. All students will get access to the new training and a free trial to the app. 

Students will also receive a signed copy of my newest book: Beyond the Products —Fundamental Secrets to Build a Sustainable Network Marketing Team

This is information you need to create the long-term passive income promised by so many, but delivered by so few.

Click the button or fill out the form to request to join the 10 student launch of the newest courses.

2019 Update

The 60 Days to Silver Founders Club launched in December 2017.  I sent out emails to all who have entered their information into the below form about the special 25-member 60 Days to Silver Founders Club launch.  

This was a highly interactive program (3 video calls per week). One student even went silver in 30 days! Woohoo! Founders Club gave me some great feedback and testimonials for the next fully automated training system. 

Since the original launch, I have also added the ability to access all the lessons and calls via a custom app.

If you would like to get on the early notification list for the new system, please fill in the form on the right. 

Keep smiling, 

Now, back to the original page…

I’ve been watching as the intergalactic Diamonds appear to be pushing for their favorite “training system” to be in your back office. Integrating it into your back office means you will have the same system that your up-line Blue/Pres Diamond has chosen. This is great, isn’t it? Or is it?

We’ve noticed that each of the leaders out there has a very specific “style” to their system.  Some are for network or internet marketing Ninjas, some for oil sharers, some for healers.  But what if you don’t match their style? Oh well…

We have been watching the evolution of training systems and are noticing that they all seem to have lots of stuff to learn and a lot the content is just overwhelming, isn’t it?

That’s where the 60 Days To Silver system comes in: 

It is for people who really want to build to Silver FAST, REALLY FAST!

If you enter your name and email to the right and click the “Go Silver Fast! Learn How” button, we will send you a few emails over the coming weeks with some really useful tools you can use to build to silver faster and give you the opportunity to participate in a launch webinar before we launch.

Now… onto the rest of the overview! Just realize the info below was for the original 1.0 version of 60 Days To Silver… 

Have Things Changed In Your Life?

It really doesn’t matter WHEN or WHY you joined your essential oil business. 

Even if you weren’t originally interested in making money, things may have changed in your life where an extra $2,000/mo might make a difference.

All that really matters is that you are READY to do something different, now.

What's So Special About Silver?

I’m sure you’ve seen the circle charts out there showing how to get to “Diamond” and above.  

But guess what!   All of the circles under each Diamond is a Silver!

That’s the reason I picked Silver and not Gold, Platinum or Diamond.  Silver is the Gateway to all of the higher ranks.

As we show YOU how to go Silver, you can also plug YOUR down-line into the same system and guess what….Enroll Four Silvers in four different legs and YOU are a DIAMOND!

Silver is also the first rank where you start “profit sharing’ the entire company sales volume to generate some of your bonuses and have access to ALL seven Uni-level bonuses.  We’ll explain that completely within the program.

Why Listen to Me?

You may be wondering why you should listen to me.  How about:

  1. I went Silver in 35 days (not 60) and have not fallen back to a lower rank so I can show you not only how to get to Silver, but how to not fall back too!
  2. I love to teach and help people. (My life purpose is “to help people be the best they can be through my example”).
  3. Let me show you my path!
  4. I’ve been a techie for over 40 years and love to leverage technology to maximize productivity and profits for my friends and clients. I’m a passionate distributor and want to spread Essential Oils and Products to as many people as possible.
  5. I’m also open to feedback and welcome it from anyone to improve the information I’m getting out to you.

Do You Treat It Like A Business?

What do you use your essential oil business income for?

  1. Fun things, trinkets, dinners out, etc.? OR
  2. To pay the rent, mortgage, car payments or groceries?

If you’re in the first group, then your business is probably like a hobby for you.

If you’re in the second group, then IT IS A BUSINESS for you.

If you’re in the first group and want to move to the second group or just want to go to the next level, we can help!

We have an easy to follow Step-by-step Online system and weekly video zoom “plan your week” and “office hour” calls to guide you Silver in 60 Days.

If you are willing to log into the Internet and watch quick 5 minute videos, set some accountability goals, be teachable, and learn strategies to go Silver in 60 DAYS, then we have something you’ll want.

So, Here's How The 60 Days To Silver System Can Help YOU!

First of all, the system is set up as a planned course. It’s NOT just a blog or static reference website with a bunch of old videos to watch or zillions of pages about essential oils or an all-in-one system to RUN your business. There are plenty of these types of sites out there already.

60 Days To Silver is a programmed, sequentially accessed, set of lessons that take you from the very first day (or wherever you are now) to Silver in 60 days or less. And, of course, you’ll have simple, practical homework to cement in the stuff you’ve learned.

The lessons will start at the basics but will advance into higher level Silver business building concepts. And you’ll have weekly quizzes to make sure you’re learning and not just “gorge learning” the entire course in one week. (We have built it to feed you more and more information when you need to know it since you don’t need to know EVERYTHING on day one!)

You'll learn...

  • A little bit about the best prospecting products, of course, so you’ll be empowered when someone wants to know more
  • How to follow-up with them to take them on your journey
  • Your web back-office so you can see what’s happening in your business
  • Little known strategies to help you get to Silver faster
  • Super simple prospecting methods and tools that ANYONE can do
  • Super effective methods to enroll people more consistently
  • How to push through the tough times — they will kill your business if you let them!How to use cheat sheets while prospecting or presentations to save time (Why memorize everything?)
  • How to “WOW” people to save you time
  • How to figure out your “WHY” and why it’s so important to your business
  • and there’s SOOOOOO much more to help you become an effective and profitable essential oil business builder. 

You'll Have Access to...

  • Downloadable cheat sheets to simplify your prospecting and meetings,
  • My super-effective PowerPoints to get through your meetings FAST
  • My #1 tool to close a prospect so you can add people to your business
  • Various pdfs you can use to build your business really fast
  • Access to webinars where I and others can teach concepts visually and interactively
  • And yes, so many more things to help build your business

Are You READY?

If you’d like to be one of the limited participants of next launch and save $50 then enter Your Contact Information in the form and then click the “Help me get to Silver Faster” button.

I’ll reply with information about how YOU can access the mini videos, downloadable, pdf files, webinars, business building strategies, and even personal coaching to take YOU to Silver… FAST!!!

Limited Time Offer

I know, I know. Everyone says this. Let me tell you why I’m limiting this offer.

I’m putting the finishing touches on the next phase of the program.

This really is a time limited offer and will be pulled after I have my next group of ten (10) students enrolled.

PLEASE don’t delay or you’ll have to wait until I open the program up again in a few months or early next year.

Keep Smiling,


Ron Wilder

doTerra Diamond Wellness Advocate

Creator of the 60 Days to Silver System.  

P.S. Where will YOUR essential oil business be in 60 Days? Most people NEVER make it to Silver and the vast majority take half a year or more to get there! 

Why not check it out? Silver in 60 Days or Less…

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